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Ningbo QIYI’s Representatives Paid a Visit to 133rd Canton Fair

Ningbo QIYI’s representatives visited the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) held in Guangzhou from May 1st to May 5th, 2023. The event provided a platform for QIYI to explore the latest trends in the apparel industry and gain insights into the future of the global economy.

The Canton Fair is one of the largest trade fairs in the world and is recognized as a significant event for China’s economy. This year’s fair showcased a wide range of products from various industries, including textiles, electronics, and machinery.

During the fair, QIYI’s representatives had the opportunity to explore the latest products and technologies in the apparel industry, especially sportswear and casual wear. In addition to exploring the exhibition, QIYI also had the opportunity to meet with old customers and establish new connections. Our company’s representatives discussed business opportunities and exchanged ideas on how to further enhance the cooperation.

canton fair-qiyiclothing (3)

canton fair-qiyiclothing (4)

We believe that the Canton Fair has played a crucial role in promoting China’s economic development, and its successful hosting has contributed positively to global trade. We are confident that the knowledge gained from participating in the event will lead to significant business growth and open up new opportunities for partnerships.

The fair provided valuable insights into the apparel industry, enabled us to establish new business connections, and contributed positively to the global economy. QIYI looks forward to attending future events to stay at the forefront of industry trends and continue to develop its business.

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