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Tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games are officially on sale!

At 10:00 on July 8, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee announced that the official website for the public ticket sales of this Asian Games is officially online and open for registration. Game tickets.

The reporter learned that 12 items including weightlifting, jiu-jitsu, tennis, synchronized swimming, fencing, wrestling, trampoline, golf, diving, swimming, soft tennis, and rock climbing will be sold in four batches today, with a total pre-sale of 113,700 tickets.

Starting in August, audiences can also buy tickets offline through venue ticket booths and other channels. After entering the country, the overseas public can purchase tickets by referring to the domestic public ticket purchase method. Member countries and regions of the Olympic Council of Asia that have obtained overseas agency licenses, and the public within their jurisdictions can purchase tickets at designated agencies.

In order to allow the audience to purchase tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games in a fair, equal, safe and convenient manner, the official online ticketing channel for this Asian Games is the first one-stop digital viewing service platform in the history of international large-scale comprehensive sports games in addition to the official website ——Intelligent Asian Games All-in-one, Ticketing Tong was launched simultaneously for ticket sales.

The user enters the Smart Asian Games One-Station, clicks “Ticket” to complete the registration, and enters the spectator information in advance in the “Ticket-User Center”. When buying tickets, it can increase the success rate of buying tickets for popular events, and you can also receive the rights and interests of ticket holders on the Smart Asian Games One-Stop.

The specific steps to purchase tickets are as follows:

Asian Games Tickets

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